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Six lives, one team. One goal, six senses. Embark on Terra Memoria, a cozy exploration game with retro vibes. Take your time to travel around this world to investigate what happens, why crystals are missing. Moreover, mysterious creatures are waking up all around the world. What are they? Why now?


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Six lives, one team. One goal, six senses.
Embark on the journey of Terra Memoria, an ode to road trip, exploration, and friendship.

Crystals, the most important resources in this world, are starting to miss... Something goes wrong...
Moreover, mysterious creatures are waking up all around the world. What are they? Why now? ​

Play a team of six characters from different backgrounds, all looking for something personal that pushes them into this journey: a family, and a place in society.​

  • ​Syl, a young summoner looking for her parents.
  • Mosheng Ren, who became a magician against the approval of his family.
  • Alto, the bard of the team in constant search of inspiration.
  • Edson, a rich heir of an industrial family lost both his arms in an accident. He is now equipped with prostheses integrating the best of technology and magic.
  • Opale, accompanied by Klonk, his forge hammer, contains the soul of an old warrior.
  • Metamorph, a mysterious creature, isolated by the villagers terrified by the unknown.

Understand each team member, their story, and their aptitude to solve the crystal mystery.


  • Explore various biomes in a beautiful pixel world!​
    Take your time to discover each city, each path; Talk to all citizens you met. Terra Memoria is a new world with unique people to discover!

  • Use a unique tool to build the world and solve environmental enigma: HEXA.​
    ​HEXA is a map editor at the player’s disposal to solve puzzles and rebuild the cities destroyed.​

  • Investigate the mystery of the missing crystals.
    Spirits are running high all over the world. The most important resource for the proper functioning of society is starting to run out. No clue was given to expect this. Between the pro-magic and the anti-magic, it will be necessary to understand what is going on quickly before an incident occurs. Is a natural cycle coming to an end? Is a dark force using all the crystals? Have the anti-magics decided to act? So many possibilities but no answers.

  • Discover each region through the regional guide: new recipes, important characters, clues to help you during your investigation, and more information about the region's specialties.​
    It is like a Michelin Guide from the world of Terra Memoria.​


  • OS: TBC

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