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Craft equipment, Recruit heroes, , and Explore dangerous lands. Command and defend your castle in this immersive 2D strategy game. Face challenging waves of enemies as you shape the fate of your kingdom. Unleash your strategic prowess and forge your legacy in this epic fantasy adventure.


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Craft-Explore-Recruit : Realm Craft is a strategy game where you embark on a heroic journey to build and defend your castle while exploring dangerous lands and recruiting a diverse group of champions. As the ruler of a grand castle, you hold the fate of your kingdom in your hands. Craft powerful equipment, recruit heroes with different roles from six different races, and strategically deploy them to protect your realm.

Venture into the unknown with your recruits and face increasingly challenging dangers as you explore distant lands. Customize their duties and witness their behaviors based on their assigned roles and duties, utilizing their weapon type and strategic prowess to outmaneuver enemies. But be warned, time is of the essence. Waves of adversaries grow stronger as you progress, and the fate of your castle hangs in the balance.

Become the master tactician as you command your recruits, nurture their skills through a leveling system, and guide them towards powerful sub talents. Customize wand users to become formidable necromancers, awe-inspiring elemental sorcerers, or knowledgeable arcane scholars. Every decision shapes your army's destiny and the survival of your kingdom.


Strategically craft equipment and recruit heroes from six different races.
Choose from five unique weapon types, each with its own role and abilities.
Combine role-race-equipment for different conditions
Command your recruits and assign them duties with an intuitive command UI.
Explore the world
Level up your recruits and unlock powerful sub talents tailored to their weapon roles.
Defend your castle against increasingly dangerous enemy waves.


  • OS: Windows 10 64bit
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 processor or later that's SSE2 capable
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Storage: 600 MB available space
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM

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